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What is Bridgit?

Bridgit is an online software that helps organizations get their college-admitted students out of the matriculation maze and into their college classrooms. The more students there are on an organization's caseload, the more Bridgit frees up time for meaningful advising.

How does Bridgit work?

Students answer questions about their college choice and their progress toward matriculation focusing on steps that, uncompleted, will halt matriculation for 90 percent of students. Bridgit then sends this information back to counselors as actionable data, so they know immediately where to begin and with whom.

Why is Bridgit receiving accolades?

Features in Bridgit such as texting, in-system messaging, a resource library, communication logs and 24/7 connectivity earned it the global Outsystems Innovation Award of 2014. More importantly, Bridgit's clean, intuitive design earned it a place in the hearts of HS and college access organizations (including NCAN members!) that worked passionately to help 1,500 low-income students achieve their college dreams.

Who is Bridgit for?

College Access Orgs

High School Counselors

Higher Ed Institutions

What is the media writing about us?

What are experts saying about us?

Three features distinguish Bridgit among educational software services

1. Texting

Texting reaches students where they hang out the most. It positively impacts student outcomes. In the language of behavioral scientists, texting:

  • Mitigates procrastination
  • Rewards progress
  • Increases engagement
  • Nudges students to action

Texting is immediate, relevant and speaks to students' listening.

To read more about texting and the application of behavioral science to summer melt, Click here.

2. Dynamic Checklists

Bridgit uses checklists to help students perform complex tasks consistently, correctly and on time.

As students enter their progress toward matriculation, Bridgit recognizes their remaining tasks and organizes them into a checklist with the nearest deadlines and most difficult tasks on top.

Dynamic checklists are one of Bridgit's most powerful student-centered tools.

Read why checklists work in Malcolm Gladwell's review of The Checklist Manifesto

3. Actionable Data

Access professionals with numbing caseloads need fast, actionable data that gets their students out of the matriculation maze and into college classrooms.

Imagine an Excel with endless pages of students and no information about the myriad obstacles they face. Where would you begin? Now imagine that all those students' plans have been downloaded and prioritized. You know who needs attention NOW and who can be served later.

Which approach would open the most doors for your deserving students?

Leadership in Evaluation


Next spring, you can look out for an evaluation on Bridgit by preeminent summer melt researchers and professors Ben Castleman, Lindsay Page, and Laura Owen.

They'll be writing about how Bridgit performed in high schools and college access organizations by using longitudinal data, a random control trial and qualitative information from students and counselors.

Ben Castleman

University of Virginia

Laura Owen

San Diego State

Lindsay Page

University of Pittsburgh

Leadership in Vision

Bridgit was created by College Bound to share its summer melt solution with other organizations and students.

With recognition that summer melt was a widespread and documented problem, College Bound wondered if its home-grown summer melt solution could be scaled. (A rigorous evaluation by Rand in 2013 showed that College Bound's summer melt rate was less than 3 percent versus a comparison group that showed a melt rate of 15 percent.) In the fall of 2013, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation approved funding for a technology tool that would increase the ability of counselors and students to keep track of summer tasks and increase matriculation. Forty counselors and 1,500 students participated in a multi-state pilot, the evaluation for which was designed by Ben Castleman and Lindsay Page, researchers, professors and authors of the book, Summer Melt. Castleman and Page recruited professor, researcher and USDE consultant Laura Owen to add in-depth qualitative analysis.

Stakeholders and access experts are enthusiastic about the promise of Bridgit 1.0 to help tens of thousands of low-income and first-generation students achieve their college goals.

College Bound is now hosting webinars to find partner-participants for a large-scale implementation of Bridgit 2.0. This beta test will prepare Bridgit for a national rollout that will increase College Bound's sustainability and empower organizations to more rigorously support young people in their postsecondary journeys. Click here to request a webinar.

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